I Love Falling!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall is my most favorite season of all!! I do love winter as well, but I think Fall beats it out by just a little bit. But Winter and Fall are my all time favorites. So what better way to celebrate the awesomeness of fall then to talk about what I love about it :)

Things I love:

1. Colder Weather -
Which means we cans start wearing layers and sweaters :') I like to think of sweaters as hugs that just keep on giving <3 

2. Halloween & Thanksgiving-
Free Candy, Parties, and lots and lots of food?! Sign me up! :D 

3. Christmas Movies: Especially the one's from ABC family -
Okay so you're probably like, "what the heck does this have to do with Fall?" Well let me tell you, I'm obsessed with Christmas Films :D And fall is usually the time when I start binge watching them. They get me into a happy feel good mood :D And who doesn't like to feel happy? 

4. Fall Decor -
Fall decorations are just so warm and inviting <3 Plus they have a lot of my favorite color combinations :D 

5. Music 
I feel like November is the month where a lot of new music is released *cough* one direction *cough* Adele *cough* Sam Smith. Which gets me so excited :D

6. Christmas is right around the corner -
I just love seeing christmas decorations whenever I walk into a store. I honestly can't wait until I have my own place so that I can decorate for christmas :D 

7. My Birthday - 
I never really go all out for my birthday, but I do get excited for it (on the inside). I'll be turning 19 on November 7th, which is honestly such a weird number. I'm one year closer to being 20 :O Which just sounds so official to me haha. Yet I don't even feel like I'm 18, I feel like I'm forever 13.

So those are just a couple of the things that I love about the Fall season :) I'd say that I love warm drinks, but I'm a cold drink kind of person. I don't know why, I'm just weird like that. I much more prefer having an icee, even if it's super cold outside :D 

What do you love about Fall? 

"It's a new season. A perfect opportunity to do something new, something bold, something beautiful"  


Hello :)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hey guys :D
How have you all been? :) 

It's been a while since I've last posted but I'm back and feeling more empowered then ever! But first...
Please just take a minute to listen to adele's new song Hello!! I promise that you won't regret it! That woman is pure genius and I am typing this as I am listening to it and I - I just can't I just can't sit here and not share this with you guys because I'm crying, because her voice! That voice <3 It mends my heart :') and it just has so much power and passion and emotion and I'll stop talking. She has risen. *crying emoji*

So I think we all know how stressful school can be :'( I've been busy with homework, after homework, after homework, and just when I think I've finally caught up I get another curve ball thrown at me.

On top of that I've been trying to work on my health. I've been so stressed and anxious about my future lately, but I think I've come to terms with not having control of everything. And as Rainbow suggested in her amazing blog post (Check it out here) it's okay to not have control of everything. It's much more important to take things at your own pace. So I've taken control of the things that I can control. I applied for a job :D and I got it!! So I'm so excited about that, I've been worrying about not having money in my bank account. Now I know that money shouldn't be a problem, of course I have my parents and I know that they would help me out with whatever I need, but it's also time that I start doing things on my own. I need to not be so dependent on them because in about two weeks I'll be 19 and that's one year closer to 20 :O. I'll be done with my teen years and now I'll be an actual adult! So I need to gain some independence and confidence. I've been putting off getting a job for a while now because I was scared that after I got a job it was like I officially grew up. Now I've had a job before but it didn't really feel that different because it was at the dorms where I was living last year so it didn't really feel like a "job job" to me. But now it's official and I think I'm ready this time :) 

One technique that I've found really helps me out is listening to music. It seriously does help! I like to just lay in bed, turn off my lights, turn on my christmas lights and just listen. I listen to the music and I listen to myself. And I let myself feel whatever it is that I need to feel. I also focus on my breathing because improper breathing is the number one contributor of anxiety and stress. I also found that whenever I'm feeling anxious it always helps to listen to a guided mediation in my car before going on about my day. It really helps to bring the anxiety levels down and get my breathing on track.

Some other updates :)

  • I was published in my schools news paper :D Which was really exciting! I wouldn't say I'm a great writer but I made it on their so yay :D 
  • I also finally finished a video that I've been trying to finish for about 2 weeks now haha. I hope you guys enjoy :) 

I hope you guys are all having a great week!! <3 

I just wanted to let you guys know that if you would like to stay in contact with me or see what I'm up to when I don't post, I'm always on my social medias which are all linked on the right hand side of the blog. I will warn you though, if any of you decide to add me on snapchat... you may regret it. I may or may not be that one person who posts about 300 seconds of videos ':D sometimes daily and sometimes continuously haha. But I love snapchat <3 So I'm always on there :) 

What made you smile this week? :) 

"Just breathe in, breathe out, and remember that moving forward means taking it one step at a time"


September Playlist - On My Mind

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hey Guys!! :D 
I feel like I haven't really had time to make posts lately. I've been flooded with assignments and it's midterms so I've been having to make sure to turn all my assignments in, make sure everything that needs fixing is fixed, and studying for tests *crying emoji* 

I seriously can't wait for the fall semester to be over because I already need a break :'( . But it's okay I'll power through it, plus it's finally fall :D and the weather has actually started to get nice around here. Although I think it's supposed to get up to the 100's again next week :'( So I'll enjoy it while I can :) 

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons!!! Halloween! My Birthday! Thanksgiving! Christmas! New Years!, and Valentines day! <3 

But without further ado. Here are some of my favorite songs that I've been listening throughout September and currently in October :) 

Now I don't know if I'm just really uncoordinated when it comes to time periods but this song has me feeling like I've gone back in time to the 50's/60's, basically the movie Grease era. These woman have amazing voices and they never fail to hook me with their music <3 

As soon as I heard this song I was hooked. I couldn't stop listening to it and I've had it on replay ever since. I probably jam out to this song numerous times as I'm heading to school or even just here at home really. 

I just love the beat in this song so much. I heard about it just the other day but I had to include it because it's definitely one of my favorites. 

My dad actually introduced me to this song, which isn't something you hear quite often haha. He told me that his cousin was actually friends with the rapper, Futuristic. They were even roommates :O   :D. That's so cool! When my dad showed it to me I instantly loved the song and it has now been on replay ever sense. That's the bad thing about me though, I will replay a song a million times until I get tired of it and won't be able to hear it for at least a couple of years haha. 

I have to pay a little tribute to my Latin blood this month because I haven't been able to stop listening to this song. It's just so good!! If you've never heard a song in Spanish, let this be your first one :D

Infinity - One Direction

I couldn't find a video to this one that worked :'( but this song is just so beautiful :') and amazing <3 and I can't wait for their album to release!! <3 I don't think this really needs and explanation ;) If you have a chance to listen to it, I definitely suggest it :) 

Basically. I love me :D How can you not love this song! It sends such a good message about loving yourself and not needing anybody else to do so. Because you are strong and you are beautiful, so love yourself <3 

I'm just so sick of that same old love, you know? 

and here are some of the older songs that I've had on repeat this month. These songs basically never get old and their my go to jam songs for my route to school because I just love singing along to these songs with so much emotion and what better time to do so then when you're alone in a car. 
P.S. While keeping my attention focused on the road! You should always keep your attention on the road! I don't care if Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston is playing you pay attention to that road DAMNIT! 

I hope you guys enjoy these song suggestions :D I've been loving them A LOT! So I hope you guys can find at least one song that you enjoy :) 

What have you been listening to on repeat lately? 

"Love yourself. Without your flaws, you wouldn't be you."


You and Me! We're Perfectly Imperfect ♥

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How often do you look in the mirror and feel a sense of disgust? or see a picture of yourself and ask in horror if thats really what you look like?

Well I’m one of those people. It’s a horrible, horrible trait and habit that I really want to be able to break apart from. And that’s what I’m doing, starting today!

I’m done living behind this shadow of “what, ideally, is perfection” because I’m not perfect, and that’s okay! That is so okay! Who cares what people think. I often find myself not being the real me. Now that’s not necessarily because I’m trying to be someone else, but it’s because I feel like I’m holding my true self back. Why do I do that? It's because I have such a hard time dealing with what people will think of me. I worry way too much about what people will think or what they will say. It shouldn’t be that way! I am who I am and I only get one shot at doing so-so why not embrace it full force? Yeah I may not be the perfect body size, My eyebrows are definitely not on fleek, My hair is messy, I may not be societies idea of beautiful, I'm awkward, I’m shy, My laugh is horrible, and I do the most weird things without thinking about it. But why do I try to hold that back? Why would I keep myself from laughing so hard that I literally drop to the floor just because I don’t want to people to hear the way that I laugh or see the way I react? Laughter is the most beautiful and most contagious thing in the world so why wouldn’t I share mine. If someones going to like me, they’re going to like me for me, not based on the way that I laugh, or the way that I look, or the way that I am. If they don’t like that then there is no need for them in my life. I shouldn’t have to feel like I have to keep trying to fit this idea of what people think of me. I often find myself simply holding back from posting a selfie because I think "will people think that’s really vain? or they don’t see me as the selfie kind?" But I want to post that selfie! No matter if others don’t like it, I want to post it because I like it and because I felt good when I took that picture! 

So here I am posting my first ever unedited selfie to the internet. No makeup, just me and my flaws. And quite frankly, I like it :) 

*Today my graphics 101 professor opened up our assignments in front of the class. This assignment consisted of us working with a selfie of ourself. I thought long and hard about this all last night and I really wanted to try this "new thing" out so I went with a positive attitude to school today. I had no idea that my professor would be showing the class our work. I was the first one that he showed and before he did I told myself that it was okay and that I don't have to worry about what others may think. Usually I'd be internally panicking because my picture was up on the board for everyone to see. But you know what, MY PICTURE WAS UP ON THE BOARD FOR EVERYONE TO SEE :D and they laughed, they thought that the morphed picture of me was hilarious and I thought so too :'D I thought it was funny and hearing others laugh made me laugh, they thought the picture was awesome. This just comes to show that no one really ever pays too much attention to the things that you think they pay attention to. Truth is they're more focused on something else. Like enjoying what's infront of them and you should be able to do that too. Take things light heartedly and stop worrying, just laugh it out. Life shouldn't be taken so seriously, learn to enjoy the little things and don't let them get to you. All worrying does is waste your time. So why worry when you can look at life in a positive note and add minutes to your life by laughing things out. 

I'll just leave this here for you ;)  

What inspired this post was my newest video. I was a little hesitant about posting it when editing it because I thought I looked "weird"and honestly I thought I looked "ugly". You may notice that I stop myself from laughing or that I'm a bit awkward in the video and that's specifically because of the way that I felt when I filmed it. I didn't feel beautiful, which is what made me act this way. But I came to the realization that - that's who I am, thats what I look like everyday, and I shouldn't have to feel bad about it. I'm really glad that something as simple as this opened my eyes <3 

I'm really proud of myself for taking this step towards loving myself and for allowing myself to be vulnerable and share this with you guys in hope that it will help you to love yourself as well. 
I hope you join me on this new journey of loving yourself completely. Because you are beautiful and you're not perfect; no one is. So don't be afraid to be you. 

**You know, I've had the same profile picture for all my social medias now for about 2-3 years because I haven't been able to find one that I feel beautiful in and that picture was heavily edited with filters. But I'm ready to break free from that. 

"Never change who you are so that other people will like you, just be yourself and the right people will love you just for being you"


Take A Trip To Las Vegas

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey Guys!!!
So this weekend my family and I took a trip to the famously known Sin City. Though I didn't really commit any sins per say haha. I'm not 21 yet so I didn't really have the full on Vegas experience, but it's still a really fun place to visit. The Strip (which is what they call the entire street where the hotels are located) is amazing! I loved just driving past it in the daytime and then coming back to walk around at night! I seriously think everyone should experience it at least once. Especially if you're 21 because you actually get to gamble at the casinos and party till the sun comes up haha. 

Here are some of the pictures that I took while I was there :D 
*Sorry that some of these pictures are a little blurry but I was walking and in a car while taking these. Vegas consists of constant walking unless you want to get walked all over by the passing crowd haha. 

OH!!! Before I forget! Guess what happened!!? :'( 
Apparently the weekend in which I was there was the iHeart radio music festival! Which I was not aware of! I was literally so close! Yet so far away from: Sam Smith, Demi Lovato, The Weeknd, Nick Jonas, Echo Smith, Shawn Mendes, Fetty Wap, Fall Out Boy, Jennifer Lopez, Tove Lo, and all the other performers that were there :'( Literally so close!! 

*These pictures don't even begin to show everything that can be seen on the strip. I was only able to capture so many. 

Do any of you remember how I had mentioned that one of my bucket list ideas was to be in two places at once? :D 
Well I actually got to do it!! 
On our way back home we drove past the California and Nevada state line. I made my mom stop and go back just for this haha. 


I didn't go too much into detail about the trip, but it was definitely a really fun experience and a great family bonding trip :) I love road tripping with my family and going away for a while. So this was a nice break from life for me :) I kind of wish this was still happening, but sadly I have to go back to school tomorrow. But it was fun while it lasted :D 

How was your weekend? 

I hope you guys have a lovely week! :) 

"Sometimes you just need a break in a beautiful place, alone or with someone you love to just ... be"


Life Update :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hey Guys!!!
It's been what feels like forever! since I've last posted.
I've been so busy with school and the whole "ugh! I don't want to do anything anymore" feeling that I haven't had time to really work on a new post. Luckily, though, I'm going to be going on a trip soon (if all goes well) :D so I will definitely be sharing that with you guys. 

So for now I'll just give you guys a couple of updates and what I've been up to this week :) 

First of all! I got a new camera :'D. Which I'm so excited about because I've been dreaming of owning a DSLR for the longest time and now I've finally gotten one so hopefully I'll be able to post better pictures on here :) 
For now enjoy a picture of this little cutie :)  

❁ ❁ ❁ Brandy ❁ ❁ ❁

On Thursday I went to a meditation class with my friend :D
The room that we were in was so cool! and the view was amazing! This is a picture I took on my phone on a little balcony. It's been cloudy the past couple of days and despite the fact that it has been pretty humid I've been loving the sky <3 

The class was just a one day thing and it was just an hour long so we only meditated for about 5 minutes, but it was honestly just so nice. It was more of a "what is meditation" class. I kind of want to get back into meditating because it's honestly such a stress relief and it's a nice way of becoming in tune with yourself and letting yourself have a little break from the world.  

Tip: sometimes it's best to have a little pre-meditation before you actually meditate.
For example: my friend and I had pizza ;). I'm telling you, it works wonders haha.

Recently Rainbow from Rainbow-Rose Blossom, did a video called How To Stay Motivated where she gave some really good advice and also talked about her vision board, which I thought was so cool and it's inspired me to make my own :D

I started working on this yesterday so it's not done or anywhere near being done, but I wanted to give you guys a little sneak peak of it. The idea behind this is to just post things that inspire me and motivate me to keep going. I really liked waking up to this - this morning so I think I'm going to keep it around for a while. 

*** By the way check out Rainbow's youtube channel if you haven't already.That women is gorgeous and amazingly talented! ;) You'll thank me later.

Here's my newest video if you guys want to check it out :) It's very pointless but still fun to make! 

That's about all that I did this week; which isn't much, but probably the most eventful in a while :) 
I hope you guys have a lovely week :) 

***Also!! check out Adorable Darling from the wonderful (yet ordinary) life of me!
I recently took part in a party collab over on her blog :) If you'd like definitely check it out!! I think you'll really like her :) 

What have you guys been up to lately? How has the weather been? 

It's currently monsoon season and on Tuesday we got hit with a pretty bad storm! I got to drive home in the rain for the first time, it was both an epic and frightening experience but luckily I got home safely :) 

"The secret to being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day"