Finding My Muse

Friday, March 20, 2015

I recently decided that I would get back into sketching. I find sketching to be calming and relaxing. Although I am not the best at it; believe me I think sketchbook paper does wonders for me, I like the feeling of being able to create something. I'm not that artsy though most of the things I draw are inspirations from other people's drawings. I think everyone has a different style of drawing therefore no two things will every really look the same. I tried to look for the original picture that I used for inspiration but I couldn't find it. I wanted it to be similar to the original picture but obviously that didn't happen, so I started adding my own twist to it. I realized that when I was drawing it I was kind of making a reflection of myself. Well the self that I feel that I am or want to be. Always looking up and never letting things get to me. I just want to live life better, in a more positive way. Feeling happy and confident. Time is flying by and I don't just want to sit around and let the little things get to me. Instead I'll go after what I want and make a change for the better. I've realized that life is much more worth living for if you live for the good moments and move past the bad ones. You have to be able to see the bad in order to see the good in things. Live life day by day and enjoy its simplicity.

"Enjoy the simple pleasures in life, smile more, love more, and dream more"

P.S. Today was such a good day :) I got to spend time with my best friend even though it wasn't anything big but I just felt happy today. Happy Birthday Aylin! if your reading this.

How was your day? What's your inspiration? Make sure to let me know :) 


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