March Playlist : Change of Mentality

Saturday, March 21, 2015

In honor of my friend Maxie starting her blog 
I want to do my first ever monthly Spotify playlist. I’ve always loved sharing my favorite music with people and I like listening to what they have been likeing. Obviously not everyone is going to like the same music as you do, but I think music has a lot to say about a person's personality. Personally I like all kinds, except for screamo music because that just scares me. Which is why I have a little trouble keeping cool at Hot Topic. 

Any ways lets jump right in shall we?

This months playlist is called “Change of Mentality”. Why? you ask. That’s a very good question. I tend to name my playlist after a certain emotion that I’ve been feeling or I usually try to come up with a good pun. For example, my new years playlist is called “Two Thousand Fif-Tune”. Eh? Clever right?. I know I am very very proud of that one ;) (Good one me!) 

I just love this song! I think the beat is so good. Its slow and then it picks up and ahhh! it just make you want to dance to it *dances* I also really like the little bits of rap in it! It makes me feel so thug life. 


Kygo, this song! <3 It’s pure perfection! It makes me want to go on a road trip! ( ironic: I’m on one right now :D).

Shawn Shawn Shawn!!!! :’) This song is beautiful! and amazing! and how can I even find words to describe how perfect it is!? This probably has to be my top favorite this month. It’s the perfect song to snap along to and keep on replay. I’ll be needing stitches after this song dies down. I’m tempted to make a music video to this. 

I have yet to find a song by Marina that I do not like. This song is sooo good! Everytime it comes on I can’t control myself. I have to sing and dance along to it. I think this song runs in my blood and DNA. This is my second most favorite song this month. <3

Okay I think this song is pretty self explanatory. Who doesn't like a song with their name in it? Well besides that fact, I think this song is a gem. This one also makes me want to just jump in the car and drive. I can see it all so clear. Btw the girls voice in this is amazing! I like raspy voices! This song deserves to be in a movie!

On the topic of voices, Kina’s voice is the best!! It’s sweet but so powerful! Why have I not heard of her before? 

I knew my rent was gon’ be late about a week ago when I discovered this song! Okay who doesn’t dance to this song? I sense a dance party coming on. Don’t deny it!

Do you recall not long ago I said that I sensed a dance party coming on. The party continues. Belly dance edition. I feel like an Egyptian queen with this song. After this song I’m so ready to go the club! 

Definitely the song to listen to when you’re feeling in the party mood.

Two songs on my playlist have been about the current issues in the world. Which I love because two powerful artists have really taken advantage of their large audiences to talk about the problems we face. Not only is it educational but a very good song at that. It just makes you want to sing along to it. I found out about this song when my sister and I were coming back home at night and it came on the radio. We both just looked at each other and flipped out because it sounded so good. It even prompted us to go for a cruise. 

This is it! This is the song I want to get married to! Well if I get married. It’s so magical <3 and just makes me want to recreate the music video. I think instead of having a big wedding I’ll rent out the building and just have my husband and I dance to this song. This song is playing right now and I just can’t help but sing along to it! It makes me swoon every time and my heart flutters. Corny,, I know, but it’s the truth. I can’t help it, I’m a hopeless romantic.
(psst! I've linked the music video so you can have a sneak peak of what my wedding will be like ;)

This song is a cover to the original but the girl who sings this has such a beautiful voice! Its so sweet and soft. I can just fall asleep to this and dream beautiful beautiful things :’)  

  I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I really enjoyed making it :)

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul"

What's on your playlist?



  1. Oh my god. I just love to listen Jasmine Thompson. Lately I've been into covers of different songs. Great playlist.


    1. Right!! I go through phases where covers just sound so much better then the originals because people put their own twist to it <3 . Thanks :) If you have seen it before you should listen to Lilly Ahlberg's cover of Riptide. It's so good!

  2. I love it!!! :D I can't wait for the next one!!!!!

    1. Yay! :D Thank you!! <3 I can't wait for your next post!

  3. I love heaps of these songs, but I hadn't heard of some of them. So I went and listened to them on youtube and MY GOD YOU HAVE A GOOD MUSIC TASTE!


    1. Okay you seriously do not understand how much that means to me! :'D Thank you! and I'm glad my post served its purpose and you found some new songs to listen to :)