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Monday, March 30, 2015

Movies are great aren't they? The best, I know! Here are some of my absolute favorites. Recents and older movies. :) (*Note: I am not the best critique because really I love all movies, but i'll let you hold me accountable for all of these. I just love them!)

Let's start off with the movie that made me fall in love with the movie theatre. Before I was never a fan of going to see a movie at the cinema, but after watching this one I now find myself saying "oh! I bet that one's great on the big screen" What I loved most about this movie is the different perspective on the story. I love that they showed Maleficent's point of view. Truly a Villains story is never told. Of course some of her actions were disagreeable but she was hurt and that for me was understandable. Let us not forget how good Angelina Jolie played the role. I've honestly fallen in love with her! She is just so amazing, a great role model, and absolutely gorgeous. 

Okay now some may not agree with me on this, but I honestly think that the Divergent series is better then The Hunger Games. It's just personal preference though. I could be heavily swayed by Four (Theo James). I mean don't try to tell me that the man isn't good looking. That's not the only reason though, I thought this movie had more then just action. Which I'm not really a big fan of. I can't really explain it; because I'm horrible at explaining, but I just really loved the movie okay! *cries*

Again! I'm not huge on action or super hero movies. To be honest, I haven't seen any of the Marvel or DC super hero movies. This movie though completely changed me. I thought the movie wouldn't be that great and that I would end up falling asleep half way through. The movie was hilarious! I laughed throughout the entire movie. I loved that it had a lot of comedy relief, especially in places you normally would not expect them to crack a joke. Let's not forget how adorable Groot and Rocket are!

If I Stay. This movie was just absolutely, incredibly, breath takingly, beautiful. Seeing Mia (Chloe Moretz) play a character with so much passion made me wish I had an instrument that I could play with so much passion. Something about watching others be completely passionate about something makes me feel so empowered. I think the main reason why I loved this movie was because of Chloe Moretz, she is such an amazing actress. I'll instantly fall in love with a character if I can feel their emotions. Otherwise I lose some interest. There was this scene in the movie (You can kind of see it in the gif set above) where she starts to walk towards a light and everything before her is so bright and pigmented. I could literally just stare at that scene forever while listening to her play the cello. *chills* So good. *cries*

My love for Ashton Kutcher only grew fonder after this movie. This movie speaks to me on so many levels that shall remain unnamed until I am ready to share them some day. Just know that this movie holds a place in my heart. It's one of those movies that kind of mean so much to me that I don't want to share it with others, but it's too good not to. Take my word for it or don't I may have just given this movie high expectations. Still love it though. 

I'm a sucker for musicals. Musicals and Abc Family. I have yet to find an abc family movie that I do not love. I will admit that I had second thoughts about this one and debated for a while whether to watch it or not. It didn't really catch my attention at first and didn't watch it out of fear of breaking the chain. I finally got around to watching it and the chain continues. It continues stronger then ever! This movie was so good! I'm a sucker for romance! This movie makes me want to be in a musical or broadway show. I'll take either. 

I can't even begin to describe how in love I am with this movie. I think this is probably the movie I have been most passionate about. I loved every second of it. It's honestly like the reincarnation of Mean Girls. It was so funny! I laughed so much throughout it! I laughed, I cried, I giggled, I fell in love. I was an emotional roller coaster within. It's just so amazing! I can watch this movie a million times. I also can't go on without mentioning how cute Wesley (Robbie Amell) is. Watch it! If you watch any of these. Please watch this one! 

I like The Hunger Game series. I just never was a huge fan of it. After seeing this movie though I had a change of mind. I loved it! I think this movie really won me over. I think something we have learned from this post is that I like more dramatic movies. Can you blame me? 

Now we get to the older movies. I never heard of this movie or at least didn't remember it until I saw it on Netflix. I think this movie is just the perfect girls night in movie! You can't go wrong with this one. 

This is another movie I took forever to watch. Mainly because I thought it would be boring and not as good as everyone made it seem. After watching it, I'll admit that I was very very wrong. It was way way better then I thought. 

This movie is very close to being my ultimate favorite movie. It's just so hard to pick a single movie because well there's so many amazing one's out there. And this is one of them! It's just perfect and a must see. I wish I would have seen this sooner or not at all. There's just some movies I wish I never saw just so that I can watch them for the first time all over again and experience the same emotions I did the first time I watched them. *sighs* 

There you have it :) Some of my most favorite movies. The list can go on but these are just a few.

What are some of your favorite movies? 

"The sad moment when you return to your boring and ordinary life after watching an awesome movie"



  1. i love a lot of these, i still need to see if i stay and mockingjay!

    xx danielle // avec danielle

    1. You definitely have to see If I Stay! it's such a good movie :D

  2. Great post
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  3. I still haven't seen Maleficent or If I Stay! Thanks for the suggestions, I will for sure be checking some out soon! xx

    Brooke | brookewrote

    1. Omg! Maleficent is amazing! as well as If I Stay. I honestly can't stress that enough haha. You're welcome and Thanks for reading my post :)

      Btw could you re-link your blog it's not working for me

    2. wait never mind I got it to work :)

  4. I love this post! It'll be handy next time I want to have a movie marathon!


    1. Thanks! :D If you have Netflix most of these movies are on there ;)