That Type Of Person

Monday, April 27, 2015

I was watching youtube the other day (by other day I mean literally everyday) and I came across a new video by Connor Franta in my subscriptions. It was called "That Type Of Person"; originally I thought it would be another one of his comedy sketches, but it was actually a tag video. He asks a set of 38 questions and well we all know by now that I love to answer things :D so I decided it would be a nice little post. 

1.Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

Lunch. As bad as it is breakfast just doesn't sit well with me and dinner well I just don't like waiting until the afternoon to eat haha.

2.Do you drink your cereal milk?

No, I've mentioned before that I'm a tad bit lactose and tolerant so I don't often eat cereal to begin with but if I do then I usually throw the milk away. I know, I know it's bad and I feel so bad doing it but I'm not going to drink it (mainly because I don't like milk) and I don't think anyone else will so it's the only thing to do.

3.Cds, Radio or Phone?

Phone! because it's like a CD and Radio all in one. And you get to plug it into your car and Jam out to your favorite songs :'D

4.Window or Aisle?

I've never been on an airplane before but I have been on a bus. I usually prefer the window seat because I like to look out. Although I do have the bladder of a squirrel so if ever on an airplane I think I'd take the aisle seat if I am not sitting near family or friends. 

5.Fold or Crumple?

Crumple. I ain't got time for that.

6.Shampoo then body wash or Body wash then shampoo?

I don't know if there is a proven method here but I just do body wash then shampoo because that's just the way I've always done it.

7.Stressed or Relaxed?

I'm usually a really stressed out person because I tend to pay too much attention to detail and carry way more then I can handle, but preference wise I obviously prefer relaxed. 

8.Patient or Impatient?

I am a very impatient person.

9.Schedule or Go with the flow?

I like having a schedule because I love me a good list to cross things off of, but sometimes I just get so lazy and just go with the flow. Then I panic because I have no control over anything and end up being very disorganized. 

10.When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? 

As most kids, I wanted to be a Vet because I thought it was all rainbows and butterflies. Then after taking my pet to the Vet for the first time I realized the harsh - harsh truth. 

11.Prankster or not?

Not, mainly because I've never really tried to pull off a really good prank. I just kind of do lame things like pretend to prank someone by telling them an obvious lie and laugh because they fell for it. Also, I'd just feel so bad if anything went wrong.

12.Dresseed up or Dressed down?

Dressed down. I just really like to feel comfortable. I prefer to wear band t-shirts and oversized t-shirts over dresses any day. Although, I do love to dress up here and then. 

13.Favorite clothing item?

Band t-shirts (even though I only own 1, but one day I will own plenty!)

14.What instrument would you play?

I would love to play the guitar, piano, violin, drums, and chello (after watching If I Stay, that passion though).

15.East or West?

West because that's the side I live on :D #reppin'

16.London or LA?

Agh! How can I chose! I want to live in both one day. Let's pretend this is an answer within itself; London and LA.

17.Favorite holiday?

Christmas. As cliche as it is, but it's just such a nice time of year.

18.How big is your bed?

Twin XL, dorm life.

19.Do you sleep with the doors open or close?

I prefer the door close. Something about looking out into the hallway scares me. 

20.Sheets tucked in or out?

Out! It get's way too hot, but I still get cold so I like to feel all covered up and protected.

21.Have you ever stolen anything?

I've never stolen anything per-say but when I was little I thought I was stealing every time I took some of the paint color samples from Walmart or Home Depot. I would just hope that the alarm wouldn't go off on me. 

22.Tattoos or piercings?

Personally, neither because I'm just scared of needles in general. I do plan to one day possibly get a tattoo but we'll just have to wait and see.

23.Do you smile in every photo?

I do. It's so creepy though, I feel like by the time they take the photo I just end up looking like a creepy doll.

24.Have you ever pee'd in the woods?

I've never been in the woods.

25.Concert or theme park?

Concert! because I have yet to experience one!

26.Music or books?

Music, I'm just more of an audio and visual person. Plus, where would we be without music!?

27.Animated or reality?

Reality, it makes it feel more real to me.

28.Letter or email?

Email for formal purposes but nothing beats receiving a letter from someone who took the time to write to you. 

29.First concert?

I haven't been to one yet :'( For my first concert I would either like to go to a One Direction, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, or Imagine Dragons concert.

30.Do you own a record player?

No, but I wish I did! I'm planning to save up my money and buy one soon (hopefully)

31.Do you speak any different languages?

I speak both English and Spanish fluently.

32.Sweet or Savory?

Sweet. That sweet tooth has some huge craving let me just tell you.

33.Can you curl your tongue?

Yes *attempts to do so*

34.Can you touch the tip of your nose with your tongue?

No, but I'd like to see someone try :0

35.Can you whistle?


36.Have you ever won a spelling bee?

I've never been in a spelling bee, my spelling abilities were just way too awesome for that type of competition.

37.Do you believe in ghost?

I believe that they are but I've never experienced an encounter before, nor do I ever want to. At the same time I kind of want to just to see if it is real, but I really really don't want to. 

38.Do you believe in aliens?

I do not think that we are the only people/beings living in the entire galaxy.

There you have it :D my long winded answers for short answer questions haha. I hope you guys enjoyed reading them and feel free to answer any of them below :)

The one's I'm most interested to hear about from you are "Do you believe in ghost and Do you believe in Aliens"? Let's discuss below shall we? :D 

"It's not the load that breaks you down, It's the way you carry it." - Lou Holtz



  1. I believe in aliens 100%! And then the ghosts - it just depends what mood I'm in hah.
    Much Love |

  2. I always love a good survey!
    I totally believe in ghosts / spirits and as for aliens - I'm going to say yes!

    ~Lor @

    1. Me too! :D It's kind of like you get to know yourself a little more as well.
      I completely agree! especially with the aliens.

  3. I love this post, your answers are really interesting! I definitely recommend One Direction in concert, I've seen them twice and they are amazing!x

    1. Thank you! :) Really? OMG lucky! that's so cool so you got to experience it when Zayn was still in the group :'( ... What tours did you attend?

  4. I love your answers to everything, their so funny

    check out my newest post

    1. Thank you so much :'D ... I'll definitely check out your blog :)

  5. Great post! I like window seats too but have the same bladder problem, lol! :D

  6. Cute post! It was nice getting to know a little bit more about you. I'm a breakfast person :) Also my sweet tooth is out of control!

    Brooke | brookewrote

    1. Thanks :) The sweet tooth has so much more power then it should have haha. I like some breakfast foods like waffles! those are my favorite

  7. I saw this tag as well! I'm also a lunch person, a crumple person and a dress down person aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  8. haha this is really interesting and cute! :D
    looks fun to complete lol


    1. Thank you :D It definitely was! If you would like to you should do it :)

  9. Haha love it!! :)<3

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks I got them online :) haha and sure I'd love to :)

  11. Love the GIFs !! They're so funny.


  12. Hiya babe, lovely post was lovely getting to know u a bit and i loved those gifs loool x
    thanks for sharing this with us.

    Massive INTERNATIONAL giveaway on my blog!

    Have a lovely week!
    Stay in touch.

    Dominica S.

  13. I'm definitely going to answer this questions. Adoro a Connor Franta, es mi inspiraciĆ³n.

    Mafer, Euphoric Wanderlust

    1. Yay! :D I can't wait to read your answers! Aww verdad! es bien adorable sus videos simpre me hacen reir :)