The Furry Friend Tag

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hey Guys! :)

I was tagged by Jess to do the Furry Friend Tag. So let's get right into it, shall we?

1. What is your pet's name?

My dog's name is Daisy (Daisy Dukes just for fun). I was going to talk about both Daisy and Brandy, but Brandy is more of my sisters dogs. But you'll still see plenty of her on here :) 

2. What kind of pet is it and what breed?

Daisy is a little bunny (okay so you can see that she isn't, but sometimes she runs like one and it's just so cute!!) To be honest, I really do not know what breed she is.She was given to me by my uncle but he never gave me any history on her. I'm pretty sure she has some chihuahua in her though. 

3. How long have you had your pet friend?

I've had Daisy for about 5 to 6 years. By "about" I do not mean that I am a horrible owner and do not even know my dogs age, but like I said my uncle just gave her to us without any history of her so I do not know her technical age, I'm just going off of a video that my sister and I made with her when we first got her. 
But please don't judge me, I already feel bad enough as is , because I don't know her birthday :'(

4. How did you get your pet?

So everyone knows that I LOVE DOGS!! It's honestly to the point where I kind of prefer and get more emotionally attached to dogs then I do to people. This being the case, my uncle took full advantage of this occasion. One of his dogs had just given birth and when we were around visiting my great grandma one day, he told us to go over and see the new baby puppies! Fellow dog lovers, you know how irresistible this can be! I had also just recently lost my puppy who I was very attached to so I wasn't really feeling it. My little sisters went crazy over the idea and so my uncle basically said that one of the dogs was ours. We left and when we came back a couple weeks later he practically threw the dog at us (not literally, that would be horrible 0.0). I couldn't say no and so we took her. She was so cute and once I held her I knew I wouldn't be able to let go. I think what brought us closer together was the warmth of her pee. Yup! she peed on me when I grabbed her haha but I couldn't stay mad at her though.

5. How old is your pet?

I want to say she is 5 to 6 years old. 

6. What are some quirky things about your pets personality?

Whenever we get home after leaving for a while, she goes crazy (as do many dogs) but it's just so cute. She'll run around the house barking as loud as she can and runs to get her toys because she just gets so excited she doesn't know what to do with herself.She also does this thing whenever there is food where she jumps on her hind legs as she tries to get your attention so that you know she is around.  Also if someone pretends to hit me, she'll attack them as if they were trying to kill me. It's so cute! OMG! and don't even get me started on her strut! That girl can shake her little booty. 

7.What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?

Daisy, is honestly my bestest friend. She's always there for me. She means so much to me and I honestly don't ever want to imagine life without her. We've been through a lot together, both on her part and my part. We are like two peas in a pod. I protect her and she protects me. I don't know how its possible, but she gives the best hugs out there. Okay i'm gonna stop talking about this because I'm gonna cry any second now. 

8. What are some of your favorite past times with your pet?

I just love being able to lay down and reach down to pet her. She's usually by my side, it's always nice because she's like my little guardian. I also love petting her chin and neck! Okay I do not know what it is, but dog's chins are so soft and it just melts my heart when I pet them under their little chins! I know it sounds weird but I'm not gonna lie here it's just so adorable watching them enjoy it, it's like their getting a massage. 

9.What are nicknames that you call your pet?

I honestly have so many nick names for her. I'll call her Dizzy, bebita, tiquita, chiquita, pesosa (most terms are in spanish but like slang spanish where i just leave out some letters) 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this :) and feel free to answer any of these questions about your pet :D I'd love to read them.

I tag, my friend Maxie to do this post. Also Thank you so much Jess for tagging me :) 

" A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself"



  1. Daisy is so cute! It's a pity you don't know her exact breed, but she definitely looks slightly chihuahua-ish haha.


    1. Thank you :) and I know :( I feel like I'm missing out on a little part of her, but I still love her regardless. :)

  2. this is so cute! :)

  3. She's so cute and her eyes are just to die for. Great post Crystal :)


  4. Your dog is so cute! My Chihuahua mix is about 6 years too now. I really like your blog, I'm following you now on g+. Checkout my blog and if you like it follow me too. Let's keep in touch! :)

    1. Thank you :) ! Aww really :D is it a boy or girl? and what's their name? ... I'll go right over and check your blog out :) Thank you for following and commenting!