Bucket List : The Quirky things

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hey Guys :)
I'm back with another "Bucket List" post. I honestly have so many of these scattered around in different notebooks. Whenever I get a new idea or get idea's from other people's bucket list I make sure to write them down because I just feel like there's so much to do in this world!and I want to try all of these things at least once, so I must write them down so that I do not forget them. I also like sharing them with you so that maybe you'll get inspired and add more things to your list :)

1. Go Somewhere new & pretend to have an accent

Okay so this one may be a little out there, but I've just always wanted to see if this would work. Although I have a really bad British accent and that's about the only accent I can do haha. I'll just stick to one liners and hope for the best ;D

2. Learn to drive stick shift

I've always asked my dad to teach me to drive stick so that if I'm ever in a situation where I need to go on the run and the only car that is available is a stick shift car, I'll need to be prepared for my grand getaway scene.

3. Be on a Game show

I'd probably lose horribly because I am SOOO competitive , but I've always wanted to be in a game show like "The Price is Right" or Ellen's "Know or Go."

 4. Go to the Ellen Show

Wether it be that I'm in the audience or in the seat next to Ellen.

5. Be an extra in a Movie

Film is life. My biggest most craziest out there dream has always been to be an actor, but I don't think I would ever really get a shot at that so I'd totally be fine with just being an extra :D

6. Indoor Surfing

I've seen so many people fail at this and I know that I will too, but I still really want to try it because it's the closest I'll ever get to actual surfing.

7. Ultimate Camping

I have never been camping and I don't think camping is for me because I can not stand bugs at all and I'll probably cry a million times while I'm there but I just want to experience it once. I'm talking ATV bikes (if that's what they're called), camp fire, cabins, canoeing, water rafting, fishing, and all that sorts of stuff :D

8. Be in two states at once

Ever since I saw "A Walk To Remember" I've wanted to do this.

9. Have a random/long conversation with a stranger.

Everyone has a story and I just think that it would be so cool to one day meet someone out of the blue and end up talking for a long time about everything. 

So these are just a couple of the more 'random' things on my list. I hope you guys enjoyed :) 

What's on your bucket list?

*Also if you'd like, check out my newest video :) I tried more of a sketch style with this one, let me know what you think :) 

P.S. Leave it to Youtube to give you the most awkward/unappealing thumbnails haha

"You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore"


My First Youtube Video, what!?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hey guys :) 
So this has been something I have debated about for years. Ever since I found out about youtube, I've always wanted to make videos of my own. Regardless of wether anyone watched them or not.
But I've always been scared of putting myself out there and not knowing if what I make will be liked by others. 
I recently just decided that enough is enough. I can't keep pushing this off because of what people will think. Sure I may not have the most interesting videos and I may not be the most aesthetically pleasing person in the world, but I should do this because I want to. I feel like this will allow me to get a better feel of what producing content is like even if it is just 5-10 minute videos. 
I also think that this will allow me to create more and want to get better at it as I go. 

Without further adieu.....
This is my first video ever! No more beating around the bush. I just set my phone to record, edited out the unnecassary footage, and did not worry too much about the outcome. Eventually I'll get better at finding my angles, lighting, and being more comfortable in front of the camera but for now,  I hope you guys enjoy it :)

*A couple of disclaimers 
- I'm aware that I said this was going to be 50 facts but I only ended up having 41 (which is a really random number) so just pretend that didn't happen.
-I also said that this video is another video but this is actually going to be my first video :)
- I was not aware that you had to be a youtube partner to edit your thumbnails .... (I don't think that needs an explanation) 

Ahh. okay one more thing! I wasn't lying when I said that I would end up with a 30 minute video haha luckily I was able to get it down to 10 minutes. I really hope you guys enjoy it. I know I'm a little awkward in front of the camera since it is my first video and I was a little nervous but I hope you guys like it :) 

Wait! One more thing :D This is going to be the first time you guys actually get to see me! Being that I don't have any profile pictures. This is a big step for us! So just lower your expectations a bit haha. 

P.S. all those views are mainly from myself checking and rechecking the video to make sure I didn't forget anything haha

Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hey guys :)
So I start school back up again tomorrow :O and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I go through different stages where I feel ready and pumped to go back and then I start feeling a bit overwhelmed by it and I don't really want to go back but then I do! and then I don't.
But I'll be okay and tomorrow will be a good day :) I kind of want to make this year a better year. I  want to start fresh and enjoy life more. 
So let's see where this year takes me.
If I find tomorrow to be eventful and worth sharing I will definitely share it with you guys, but if it's just me sitting in class let's just pretend this message never happened ;) haha 
(I'll talk about this more with you guys tomorrow :)

Since I should be going to sleep early today to avoid falling asleep tomorrow, I've decided to do a tag (but let's be honest ... I probably won't be able to sleep tonight)

*** I was tagged to do this post by the lovely Marianne from Don'tBursMyBubble (which has been mentioned on my blog several times by now so if you haven't yet checked her out I think it's about time ;) <3 I know it's been a while and I've just gotten around to it but hey better late then never right? :)  

1) What do you do when you're feeling sad to pull yourself back up?

I like to listen to music and pretend like I'm in a sad movie and just let the feelings come out. I also like to take a moment to breathe. I know that sounds weird to say but something that I learned a couple years ago is that somewhere along the lines humans started breathing wrong. We tend to breathe in through our chests but we should actually be using our abdomens to breathe. Breathing in through our chests causes us to have shallow breathing which is what leads to anxiety and stress. So whenever I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed I like to just focus on my breathing and make sure that I'm taking in a good amount. 

2) Dream date? 

I've always wanted to go on a date where we drive up to the top of a mountain and sit on the hood of a car or the back of a pick up truck and stay up to watch the sunset and sunrise and just talk endlessly about our theories and beliefs and fears and ambitions and passions and just literally anything <3

3) Hair bows or Flowers

In all honesty, neither. I don't know why but I've always just found having anything on my head to be irritating. I wish I didn't though because they look so cute! but if I had to pick one I'd go with flowers. 

4) One good thing that happened to you today?

My sisters and I sat in my room scrap booking and singing along to music from Grease <3 

5) Favorite thing in your room?

Definitely my wall of pictures <3

6) What's your secret obsession?

Musicals!!! I want to be in one so bad *crying emoji*. Broadway just seems so magical to me and I admire everyone who is apart of it. I know a lot of people find them annoying but whenever theres a movie with music in it you best believe I'm going to be singing those songs and dancing along to them. (Although that's not really a secret) 

7) The one make up item you're loving right now

Lip liners!! I like to use them to fill in my entire lips though, I'm not really a fan of the original lining your lips.

8) Confidence booster?

Inspirational quotes and showers haha. For some reason showers are like my prime time for self motivation. I tend to do a lot of thinking in there. 

9) What's a quote that you really love?

"And though she be but little she is fierce" - William Shakespeare

10) What do you want to do on your blog in the future?

I just want to hopefully inspire someone and spread positivity by just simply being me and letting others know that all that they have to do to fit in is be themselves because there is nothing better then being who you are <3 

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little post. I'm going to try and go to bed but I'll just end up on social media haha

What's one thing that made you happy today? :) 

"Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth" 


Use Your And

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

You either have the looks or the brains, said society.
But who says you can't have both? 
When you limit yourself to just one thing you start to let society and the world around you define who you are and who you want to be. Don't be afraid to be more then one thing. Be a curious mind with ambition, and a soul, and a creative imagination; but don't stop there. Don't let anybody define you, because only you have the power to define yourself. 

I was recently inspired by the amazingly talented blogger and all around beautiful Marianne from Don'tBurstMyBubble to talk about some of my ands. She did a post talking about her and's which you should definitely check out! I have no doubt in my mind that you will want to browse throughout her entire blog so go and check it out ;) Also another amazing blogger you should definitely check out is Lou from Lou's World; she recently tagged me in the Blog Tour award, since I've already done the tag I won't be doing it again, but I still wanted to Thank her for that :) <3 

If any of you are familiar with the campaign #UseYourAnd then you know exactly what I'm talking about, but if you don't I'll leave the video here for you guys to watch it. 

This campaign aims to bring awareness to the fact that you don't have to define yourself to just one 'label'. There is no such thing as a bad quality. You are who you are and you shouldn't try to hide it. Embrace everything you have to offer; your story, your obstacles, your goals, your achievements, and your ambitions. Let the world know who you are and what you have yet to become. The great thing about life is that you never stop growing and throughout it you only learn more and more. 

I am strong and smart
and kind and loving
and brave and curious
and wise and a friend
and a sister and a daughter 
and a dreamer and a realist 
and a really bad singer who loves to sing 
and an actress and a role model 
and scared and determined
and ambitious and a fan girl 
and a dog lover and a dancer
and cheesy and quirky
and a lover and a fighter 
and a blogger and a student
and anxious and nervous
and confused and a romantic 
and a comedian and a feminist 
and ...

The great thing about this is that your list will never stop growing, as you grow your list will get bigger and you'll only grow wiser and stronger.

What are some of your ands? 

"Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, and magical person that you are."


Quick Update

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I just quickly wanted to mention that I've decided to take the leap and change up my blog a bit. Well not so much that you'd be so impressed haha but I kind of wanted a newer background. I've been seeing a couple of people changing up their blogs and it's made me feel inspired to do the same. I'm not at all good with coding so I don't really know how to edit the html to my liking personally (don't get me wrong though I love the template). I just mean that the font size for the text posts won't change when I go to edit it (the font style and size, does anyone know how to fix that? I think it may just be the way the template is designed and it might not be able to be changed). I'm not really good with change so this new background is kind of stretching it for me because I'm so used to the older template that I had, but I think this change will be good :) I hope you guys like it :D 

I'll just leave this cute little video for you guys to enjoy ;) 
You can thank me later <3 
(I have to admit, this is so me!)

"Being happy, is not about what everyone wants from you, but about what you want for yourself."



Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Okay so this is a topic I always tend to talk about with friends because I just love finding common ground on these sorts of things :D And since I consider you guys my friends I'm going to talk about them with you <3

Here are a few of dream occurrences that I have experienced:

1. Smelling, Feeling, and Tasting in a dream

Okay so a while back (junior year of high school) I had a debate with one of my friends during ceramics class about this and she said I was crazy and that it wasn't possible. BUT seriously I can do this in my dreams! Do any of you experience this as well? 
I once had this dream that I was arriving to a party with my 
"boyfriend' (which only exists in my dreams ;) hence the quotation marks). When we arrived we went to say hi to everyone; greeting everyone with a hug. When I was about to get to the end, 'my boyfriend' (in the dream) went around to the end of the line of people that I was hugging; I giggled and then went to hug him and I swear I could feel his arms around me and the warmth of his hug (you know now that I think about this that's a little scary O.O)

2. Waking up and realizing that it was only a dream

This one is the most frustrating of all!! Don't you just hate it when you have the most amazing dream and you realize it never happened!! I was once dreaming that I was at a party (with me I had a pizza and a drink). When I woke up I went to reach for my soda but it wasn't there!! and I realized it was only in my dream to which then I was like "well at least I still have my pizza" .... *Crying emoji*

3. Feeling like you can hardly move

Does this one happen to any of you? I read once online that this happens because while you are asleep you don't really have much room to really move around so it's your bodies way of subconsciously telling you that? For example, I'll have a dream where I'm trying to run away from something but my feet become so heavy that I start running in slow motion. 

4. Feeling like your falling off a cliff

I know this one is really common but we can't leave this one out because it's kind of a creepy cool out of body experience. It's really scary though I've heard that it's your body jerking you awake because it felt like your heart was stopping. But the science side of it says that it's your brain misinterpreting why your muscles and the rest of your body is relaxing before you enter a deep sleep so it makes your muscles contract which causes the jerking movement. 

5. Dreaming that you are driving a car and suddenly have no control of it

 I read once that this dream can mean that you feel like you don't have control of your life and the bigger the vehicle the bigger the problem is. 
I think this one is pretty common as well. Does anyone else have this dream? I occasionally will dream that I'm driving a pickup truck with my sisters inside of it with me. We could be driving in the middle of no where or in the middle of town but once the dream runs it's course I'll start losing control of the car. So I'll try really hard to keep it from crashing into anything which causes us to swerve.
The last time I remember having a similar dream to this was at the beginning of the year. I dreamt that I was on a school trip and the bus driver left the drivers seat because he was scared. I was forced (by my classmates) to go up and save everybody on the buses life. I ran to the front of the bus and pushed as hard as I could on the brake and try taking control of the steering wheel, once I was able to gain control of the bus (which then turned into a giant horse out of nowhere) I did a semi donut turn to stop it next to a giant bench so that everyone could safely get off.
I've also noticed that these dreams mainly occurred before I was able to drive.

6. Being Conscious in a dream (Lucid Dreaming) 

I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm a lucid dreamer because I can never control my dreams. Though I can realize that I'm dreaming while I'm dreaming and acknowledge that I'm dreaming and tell myself that it is a dream and continue on dreaming. Then once I wake up I can remember telling myself that I was dreaming while I was dreaming. Does that make sense? 

7. The relief of waking up before something bad happens in a dream

Don't you just love when something horrible is happening and in that moment it feels so real and you're able to wake yourself up before it gets worse! (Talk about relief) 

8. Dreams that just don't make sense

I had this dream where my family and I where leaving a laundry mat in the middle of the night. We were approached by a man who pointed a gun at us and told us to give him all of our belongings. We frantically started backing ourselves into the car. When the man was about to shoot, bubbles started coming out of his gun? 

9. When you start off in one place and end up somewhere completely different

This one is my favorite. Its kind of like teleporting in your dreams :D 

10. Waking. Up. Before. THE GOOD PART!!!!!

Do I need an explanation?!

Theses are just some of the ones that I can think of at the moment. If you have any other dream experiences you'd like to share or can relate to any of these let me know in the comments :D 

"Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with dreams or wake up and chase your dreams. The choice is yours..."