Quick Update

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I just quickly wanted to mention that I've decided to take the leap and change up my blog a bit. Well not so much that you'd be so impressed haha but I kind of wanted a newer background. I've been seeing a couple of people changing up their blogs and it's made me feel inspired to do the same. I'm not at all good with coding so I don't really know how to edit the html to my liking personally (don't get me wrong though I love the template). I just mean that the font size for the text posts won't change when I go to edit it (the font style and size, does anyone know how to fix that? I think it may just be the way the template is designed and it might not be able to be changed). I'm not really good with change so this new background is kind of stretching it for me because I'm so used to the older template that I had, but I think this change will be good :) I hope you guys like it :D 

I'll just leave this cute little video for you guys to enjoy ;) 
You can thank me later <3 
(I have to admit, this is so me!)

"Being happy, is not about what everyone wants from you, but about what you want for yourself."



  1. Oooo I'm liking the new look Crystal! Yes I totally understand you with the change thing lol, I had the same Facebook profile photo for like a year and half and had a few heart palpations when I went to change it hahaha! Nawww omg that video just made my day, thank you! <3 I did get bit scared when he was dancing and having "soccer practice" that he was going to land on the puppy. I seriously need a puppy! Have a magical day Crystal! :)


    1. Thank you :D! Omg! yes! haha I've had the same profile picture for all my social medias for a couple of years now ( I want to say at least 2-3 years now actually :O) It's the only one I've ever really felt safe with so I know what you mean with the heart palpitations O.O haha. Yay! :D You're welcome <3 I know right I was like "Oh no oh no oh no... ohhh few!" haha. You do!! :D Puppies are just the sweetest things <3 I hope you have a lovely day as well Rainbow :)

  2. This is such a cute video and the puppy is adorable. I like to change my design too and I am satisfied with it for a month or two and then I want to change it again. I really like yours right now. Great work.


    1. I know right! :D Thank you! :) That happens to me when I find multiple backgrounds that I like I end up wanting to change things up everyday haha.

  3. I love the new layout!! It's actually much easier to read too :) and has a sophistication about ;) Haha I know, it seems like I'm always changing around the layout to my blog (or...the name?) Eventually, I wanna upgrade it and purchase a template - but in time!


    1. Thank you!! :D I'm happy to hear that you guys are liking it :) <3 Yes! In time I would also like to purchase a template that I really like as well. I really like the changes on your blog :D I always find that they bring a new light to it :)

  4. I like the new look! And that video was so cute aha, thanks for sharing :)


  5. The video was so cute and I love how you changed your blog! <3

  6. Amazing post,really love it :)
    Keep in touch
    xoxo Antonella