I Love Falling!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall is my most favorite season of all!! I do love winter as well, but I think Fall beats it out by just a little bit. But Winter and Fall are my all time favorites. So what better way to celebrate the awesomeness of fall then to talk about what I love about it :)

Things I love:

1. Colder Weather -
Which means we cans start wearing layers and sweaters :') I like to think of sweaters as hugs that just keep on giving <3 

2. Halloween & Thanksgiving-
Free Candy, Parties, and lots and lots of food?! Sign me up! :D 

3. Christmas Movies: Especially the one's from ABC family -
Okay so you're probably like, "what the heck does this have to do with Fall?" Well let me tell you, I'm obsessed with Christmas Films :D And fall is usually the time when I start binge watching them. They get me into a happy feel good mood :D And who doesn't like to feel happy? 

4. Fall Decor -
Fall decorations are just so warm and inviting <3 Plus they have a lot of my favorite color combinations :D 

5. Music 
I feel like November is the month where a lot of new music is released *cough* one direction *cough* Adele *cough* Sam Smith. Which gets me so excited :D

6. Christmas is right around the corner -
I just love seeing christmas decorations whenever I walk into a store. I honestly can't wait until I have my own place so that I can decorate for christmas :D 

7. My Birthday - 
I never really go all out for my birthday, but I do get excited for it (on the inside). I'll be turning 19 on November 7th, which is honestly such a weird number. I'm one year closer to being 20 :O Which just sounds so official to me haha. Yet I don't even feel like I'm 18, I feel like I'm forever 13.

So those are just a couple of the things that I love about the Fall season :) I'd say that I love warm drinks, but I'm a cold drink kind of person. I don't know why, I'm just weird like that. I much more prefer having an icee, even if it's super cold outside :D 

What do you love about Fall? 

"It's a new season. A perfect opportunity to do something new, something bold, something beautiful"  



  1. Nice post I love me some music and christmas movies as well they're the best.

  2. "I like to think of sweaters as hugs that just keep on giving" ooooo that is such a beautiful way of describing sweaters!!! <3 Ahhhh The Grinch I love that movie, I remember watching it a fair few times as a kid. I feel like I haven't seen it in so long! *Think I might have to hunt Youtube for this* Hahahaha forever 13 #nevergrowingup ;) I think it's so important keeping that inner child/teenager in you though because there's always a feeling of magic and happiness in that! I have to say I'm a forever spring/summer girl *mind you it's not that hot here compared to where you are* seriously just looking forward to the summer vibes, sunshine and flowers. Have a magical day Crystal! <3


    1. Sweaters are just warm and cozy, they definitely remind me of a hug haha :D OMG!! Yes! I just love everything about it, from the story line to the set design! I feel like The Grinch is one of those films that you never really get tired of. Hopefully Youtube has it *fingers crossed* :D Yeah! :D You're totally right. I mean if you didn't have a little child in you, life would be pretty boring. Yeah :'( haha Lucky! I think I'd be spring and summer girl as well if I lived somewhere like in California near a beach :D You live near a beach right? :D Is your summer about to start? or are you guys in fall right now as well? Because I know Australia has different seasons then us, does New Zealand experience the same seasons as Australia? I hope you have a fantastic day as well Rainbow <3 :)

    2. We're in spring at the moment YAY as long as we're away from winter I'm so happy! :p I live maybe a 30-60 minute drive from a beach so not too far hoping to go a few times this year! Yep we're got the same seasons as Australia although I've heard they don't really get cold during their winter *needs to move to Australia* hahaha actually let's just move to California! XD Does it get pretty cold where you live? <3

  3. Your birthday is the day after mine! I hope you have a great birthday! My favourite things in fall have to be the decor and that Christmas is nearly here... I have to agree about the music though, always the best around this time of year - about 5 albums are coming out that I want!

    Erin // itseverythingerin.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Yay!! :D haha you're birthday is almost coming! Are you excited? :D Aww thank you :) I hope you have a great birthday as well! <3 Are you planning and doing anything special for your birthday ? :) ... The decor is so pretty isn't it :D So many cute colors and they're just so warm and inviting <3 Yes! :D So many new albums :') I wonder how we'll cope haha. Hope you have a lovely day Erin :)

  4. Great post, Crystal! :) All the things I love about the cozy seasons of fall and winter - you just named!
    You know me - I love any reason to decorate! ;) And all the warm drinks, sweaters and scented candles even. Your birthday is so soon!!
    I also cannot wait for that "Christmas feel" to start making its way here :) Usually that happens in a few weeks - yay!

    ~Lor @ cozycomfyhome.com

    1. Thank you! :D Yes! I honestly thought about you when writing that sentence I was like I know who can relate :D hahah I've always wanted and loved the smell of candles but I don't trust myself with them because I get so scared that I'll burn the house down or something haha. OMG! I know :O I don't feel like I'm even turning 19 thats just such a weird number.
      Me too!! :D I just want to hear the christmas music everywhere I go and see all the cute decorations :D <3

  5. I love Autumn and winter as well ... but I'm the other way round, winters my favourite because I'm obsessed with Christmas hehe :) I'm loving getting to wrap up warm again .. I really want a fur trimmed cape ...but my mum said no when she saw the £50 price tag haha :) I don't actually understand thanksgiving, I know it's a big deal in America but what's it actually about ? What happens ? I've always wanted to know ! Yes Crystal, Christmas moviessssss I'm already stocking up on them ! We're sooooo close to your birthday now, I hope you get to go bowling and have a wonderful time :)

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx


    1. Ah! It's so hard to choose between the two but I'd go with autumn because of the weather and colors but christmas is definitely the best holiday ever!! :D It's just such a cheerful time of the year and everything is just so beautiful haha. OMG!! yes! those things are so cute but always so expensive! but hopefully you can get one ;D Thanksgiving is basically the time when you can just set aside and be thankful for everything you have : family, friends, a home, food, ect. It's usually celebrated with family and friends and basically you just have a huge dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, breads, deserts, and other foods that I can't really name because it changes but basically you get stuffed and you regret ever eating all that you ate by the end of it haha. But it's kind of gotten to the point where people just care about the black Friday sales the next day O.O haha. Christmas movies are the best!!! <3 Thank you so much :D <3

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  7. We were talking about that first one in my fall post , haha. It still feels early to me to start watching Christmas movies but still I love them. My favorites are Elf and holiday in handcuffs. I miss watching 25 days of Christmas on abc family. Holiday food is the best! Happy (way late) birthday. :)
    I've been meaning to comment for the longest time but I've been super busy.

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  9. Fall is definitely my favourite season too! Even though we don't watch Christmas movies in fall (because Christmas is in summer over here) I still love cosy-ing up in sweaters and knitted blankets, the leaves and the sunny days with a chilly breeze.

    I've been MIA from the blogging world for awhile, but I'm happy to say I'm back! :)