I'm Scared, but that's okay

Friday, February 5, 2016

How do I even begin?

I'm an ambitious and driven person. I dream a lot, and I have all these goals that I've set out for myself. I always dream about having this amazing career and being happy but as soon as I give myself a moment to start thinking, I scare myself away and suddenly my goals and dreams become unreachable. For some reason, the darkness in my head clouds my vision and I can no longer grasp a hold of those desires I once had. I fall back into this pit of darkness where I just end up getting by and hoping that somehow everything magically finds it's way to me. But that's not how life works! The only way that dreams become real is if you get yourself up out of that darkness and start fighting for what you want. You are the only thing that can make things happen for you! Yes, fear is so powerful! Fear has the ability to drag you down but you can't let it control your life forever. It's going to tug at you and mess with you to get you to give up but in the end, fear is non existent. It only exists if you allow it too. So pick yourself up, one step at a time and start fighting your battles. Learn, live, experience, fall down, and pick yourself right back up. Life is but a book of lessons that with every page you turn you meet new characters (good and bad), you experience new stories, and you learn new lessons. So don't just sit around and leave your book unread. See what the world has to offer you and even when you feel scared, keep going. Because even though fear cannot be escaped, you can overcome it ♥

Just think of all those moments in which you were afraid at the start but when you came out of that situation everything was fine. In fact not just fine but you actually had a great time, you learned new things, and you met amazing people. Remember all those times you overcame fear and things were perfectly fine.

"climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world"