Hey :)

So you've stumbled upon my blog. I'll start off by saying that I'm not the best at descriptions. Let alone if it's about me. I guess I'll just mention what you can expect to read and see on my blog. Most of what I will post will be random and won't really fit a certain theme. 

The reason why I started a blog is to freely express my opinions and share with others what I love. I'm sort of a chatty person but only whenever I feel comfortable. Oddly I find the internet a comfortable place? I don't know what I'm really thinking here but hey so far it seems to be working. Although I don't think anyone actually reads or is interested in what I post. I still have a lot of fun making them :D. 

Blogging has become my new favorite thing. I'm hoping that soon enough I'll gain enough courage to start the next thing I've always wanted to do. Start a Youtube Channel. That's still a little too scary for me, for now. 

I'll stop now haha. Believe me I can go on for ages. That's only because I hate the idea of being misunderstood so I can literally just keep going on until I feel completely satisfied with what I'm saying. So as you can see its difficult for me to stop writing. Expect a lot of rants.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy making it. Hope you have a spectacular day!


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